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What is it like to be on the receiving end of you?

What is it like when your boss walks into a room? How do people react? How does the dynamic change in the room?

What about when the CEO walks in? Or your biggest client?

You know what it's like for you, when they walk in. But now think about how the dynamic changes when it is you who is entering that space, whether it's in person or on a video call.

Do you like the impact you have on other people when you enter their space? Do you even know how they experience you?

Your presence is always felt by others, whether you are in a meeting, in a conversation with someone, sitting across the dinner table or walking into a shop. Your presence matters always.

As you advance in your career and become more senior, the meaning of your presence in people's lives changes. The more you understand how you impact the people you are dealing with, the more you can choose that impact consciously and wisely.

One way of finding out is by watching what happens when you leave the room. Are people energised or drained when you leave? Another way is to facilitate a team conversation to help you move towards the impact you want to have.

How did you find out about the impact you have? Let me know in the comments.


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