How to lead tired people – when you’re tired yourself

Almost everybody complains about the fatigue. It affects everything: decision-making, productivity, customer relations and more. In this episode, Taryn talks about four different kinds of fatigue and how to support your team, even when you’re tired yourself.

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How to take your team from Coping to Creating

When the pandemic struck, Taryn offered her clients an online course on the emotional impact teams could expect during the coming months. She named five phases.

  1. Numbness
  2. Coping
  3. Feeling
  4. Creating
  5. Integrating

In this week’s episode, she discusses how most of the people she’s spoken to are stuck in the “coping” mode.

They’re being productive, but they’re hanging on by their fingernails. Leaders need to do something, she says. They just don’t know what it is.

She offers a bridge between the world of “coping” to the world of creativity, innovation and a normal workday.

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Most corporate wellness programs get this one key thing wrong

People whose employers don’t offer corporate wellness programs say they would definitely use them.

People whose employers do offer wellness programs find that the wellness program actually adds to their sense of overwhelm. When you have a day with back-to-back online meetings and hundreds of emails to process, it’s hard to find another hour to attend the wellness session.

Mostly, leaders themselves aren’t using the wellness programs they are creating for the employees. The whole system seems broken.

In our research, we found one unexpected thing that is reducing overwhelm in the people we talk to.

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