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Coaching is the most powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth. This is the heart of great leadership. Know thyself first.

Our coaching style is intuitive, empathetic, holistic and humanistic. That means that the experience of coaching is a unique journey of self-discovery. The main reasons people engage with us for coaching are:

  1. A desire to lead more authentically and courageously
  2. Feeling burnt-out, overwhelmed or disconnected
  3. Needing to develop skills relating to relationship management, communication skills and emotional maturity
  4. A sense of lack of meaning or purpose at work or in life
  5. Facing a significant amount of change and needing support to navigate through the transition
  6. Needing to balance home and work lives


Team coaching creates a unique opportunity for people to share and grow together.

Work has become highly transactional. People are longing to connect, share, create, collaborate and grow with their colleagues. Our online group coaching programs create a safe place for people to:

  1. Discuss and share their personal experiences
  2. Discover tools and skills for navigating the new world of work
  3. Learn and grow from each other’s input and perspective
  4. Collaborate and create new solutions for the business
  5. Feel connected with each other and to the organisation


Our training approach is designed to shift mindsets and integrate new behaviours.

We design powerful online and face-to-face training programs. Our key areas of brilliance are:

  1. Communication and relationship building skills
  2. Emotional mastery and empathy
  3. Personal wellbeing, stress management and boundary setting
  4. Burnout prevention and rejuvenation
  5. Creativity, mindfulness and intuition


We facilitate truth speaking conversations to overcome obstacles and face excuses standing in the way of success.

We approach facilitation with the care and desire to discover what is standing in the way of a team from the success that we know everyone desires. We use many creative techniques to allow people to “open-up” discover what the challenges and opportunities are. These conversations are useful:

  1. To create a vision and strategy for the future
  2. To build a leadership team that aligns to a common vision, goal and set of values
  3. To build bridges where there is conflict or silo-thinking
  4. There is a desire to change an aspect of the culture


Do you want to put the life-force back into your teams. This is the most impactful 45 minutes you can spend.

I spent the first half of 2021 interviewing leaders about how the pandemic has changed the world of work.I’ve collated the results into a research project called Where To From Here.In this unique and timely keynote speech, we unpack how leaders can create an emotionally safe work environment where people can thrive. Some key takeaways:

  1. How the pandemic has changed the social contract between employers and employees
  2. What people really want from their workplaces
  3. The hidden gift of the pandemic, and how to access it
  4. What are the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of a healthy workplace.

After a meteoric career from accountant to Head of Finance and Operations for a merchant bank, Taryn founded a highly successful coaching company, working with entrepreneurs and corporate boards in Banking and beyond. At the same time she pursues her calling as a spiritual teacher. LightWalker Consulting believes that when you connect people with their purpose, the workplace can be a place of healing, meaning and joy.

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