The LightWalker Consulting Research Approach

The Where To From Here research project is a qualitative research project, asking open-ended questions around four ways the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the world of work. We asked questions around the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual impact that working from home, and the pandemic in general, has had on respondents.

The research has been conducted within an industry-standard ethical framework.

  • Every participant has given written consent to being interviewed
  • Demographic information is collected only with consent
  • Responses have been anonymized. That means we know what a respondent said, and the demographic information they supplied (Age, Race, Size of Company, Size of Team etc), but we cannot trace who said it.
  • Interviews were recorded for textual analysis and coding
  • Enough interviews were conducted to make the findings statistically significant.

Limitations of the study

  • The respondents were self-selected. Our sample skewed White, 35+ in age and senior in role.
  • The respondents had the time and resources available to attend a 45-60 minute interview during the workday over an on-line interviewing platform

LightWalker Consulting is also available to conduct research in your team. How is the pandemic affecting your leaders, your teams, and your ability to operate and compete in the market? 

Are you dealing with the stresses of the changing world of work in the most productive way possible? Have you maybe missed something small that could make all the difference?

Contact Taryn Sydow at to see if you could benefit from research into your own organisation.

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